Traffic is King

Traffic is King. Quite a bold statement. What it is referring to is online traffic.

Director of London SEO Strong Curves, Taz Sheikh says
“Taking control of your online presence has never
been as important as it is today. The internet
is so pervasive in our everyday lives, and will
continue to influence how people behave as time
goes on and how they make their purchasing
decisions. Not a day goes by where you, or
someone around you, doesn’t check something
online. As a business owner this a powerful
concept. Unfortunately …

Almost 92% of people don’t scroll past page 1 on
Google, so if you are not coming up on page 1
for the common search phrases that your potential
customers use, the likelihood of your website
getting any significant traffic, we mean
traffic that will translate into sales revenue,
is slim to none.”

Strong Curves describe their SEO work as a form of online authority brand building

So what are the options? You can of course
consider spending money on Google Ads but you
need to know all the facts before considering
that option. Only 10% of all website users
actually click on these ads and with the
increasing popularity of ad blocking software
this figure is likely to decrease.

In addition With more and more websites
competing for the same ad words in an effort
to gain a slice of the growing online population, the cost of
online advertsing wil undoubtedly skyrocket.
Therefore the only real option is to insure your
website has a page 1 ranking in the organic
search results

and specifically a top 3 position

The top 3 results on a search get over 60%
of all the traffic. Position 1 gets just over

If you are in the top spot for a high search
volume keyword you will be getting a lot of
traffic and that can translate into serious

The landscape of doing business today has
changed. Traffic is now King. To compete
effectively you need visitors to your websites
and social media channels. Without traffic you
won’t succeed.

The SEO outsourcing firms Director states ”
Lets begin by explaining how Google works.
It is essentially a Robot – a link based
algorithim that works by finding out how many
powerful and trusted friends you have and
whether they are talking about you. These
friends are effectively other websites and
social media backlinking to your website.

The more authortive and trustworthy these links
are and the level of relevance they have to your
niche and also the quantity of links there are –
the more likely you will rank higher on the
search engines.”

Strong Curves are based in London and help clients win by getting more traffic. They achieve this through SEO , mobile app development , social media marketing , and reputation management